What Is The State Flower Of Connecticut? - 6 Tips for Choosing the Best New Haven Luxury Apartments
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What Is The State Flower Of Connecticut?

What Is The State Flower Of Connecticut?

When the World’s Fair was held in Chicago in the late 1800s, a National Garland of Flowers was created that was made up of various types of flowers that grew in each of the states. This garland provided the catalyst for states to begin naming their official state flower. Although some states chose their flower right away, it wasn’t until 1907 that Connecticut finally got around to declaring which flower they wanted to represent their state. As it turned out, it was the mountain laurel. Interestingly, this shrub is also the state flower of Pennsylvania.

As you might guess, it grows throughout the northeastern part of the United States. It is a beautiful deciduous shrub that is completely covered by flowers when it is in bloom. The color of the flowers can vary from pink to white, depending on the plant itself. It typically blooms in the spring. Even after the flowers die, however, it is still a beautiful shrub. What makes it unique is that it is an evergreen shrub, meaning that it will keep its leaves all year long.

Interestingly, every part of the plant is poisonous. Everything from the leaves to the flowers and pollen contains toxic substances that are poisonous to animals and humans alike when they are consumed.

Despite that fact, however, it is still a popular choice for landscaping. It is an absolutely beautiful shrub that can enhance a yard or garden throughout the year. In the spring, when it is in bloom, it is a truly show-stopping addition to any landscape. Even after the flowers have died, it still is a lovely plant that can add rich greenery to the space.

The plants themselves get quite large. Typically, they grow to about 8 or 9 feet tall, although they can get even taller than that. Their large size makes them a striking addition to any yard or garden.

Because these plants are so eye-catching, it is no wonder that the state of Connecticut decided to choose them as their official state flower. It can be fun and interesting to check out a list of all of the state flowers to see which flowers were chosen by each state. Along with flowers, states also choose a state bird and a state tree. Connecticut’s state bird is the robin and their state tree is the Charter Oak. They even have a state insect, which is the praying mantis.